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Actor and rapper Deezer D found dead

Los Angeles, USA

Actor and rapper Dearon Thompson, better known as Deezer D, has died at the age of 55. Known, above all, for having played the nurse Malik McGrath in the iconic series ‘Emergencies’, he also appeared in films such as ‘Romy and Michelle’ or ‘The fat woman was mounted’.

According to MTZ, the actor was found unconscious at his residence, in Los Angeles, during the morning of this past Thursday, January 7. Despite not having revealed the cause of death, the brother of the deceased commented that the family believes that the artist died due to a heart attack.

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Born on March 12, 1965 in Los Angeles, California, his first acting role was in the musical “Cold as Ice,” which starred Vanilla Ice. In the 90s, he stood out in films such as ‘Fear of a Black Hat’, ‘The great white hope’ or the aforementioned ‘Romy and Michelle’.

However, his best known role is that of the nurse Malik McGrath in the mythical ‘Emergency’. Although his role was a supporting one, he remained in fiction from its beginning, in September 1994, until its completion, in April 2009, eventually participating in 190 episodes of the 331 that the series created by Michael Crichton had.

After finishing ‘ER’, he appeared in two short films, ‘Raven’ and ‘Under the Sun Restored’, produced in 2011 and 2013; as well as in the feature film ‘Crowning Jules’, a family comedy directed by Lucas Miles.

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