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Pose Kendall Jenner as God brought her into the world in B&W

The model and socialite Kendall Jenner He has shared on his social networks a series of black and white photographs where he appears without clothes, unleashing the madness of his millions of fans who love to see each of his publications.

It is worth mentioning that these photographs have nothing to do with the type of nudes that the eldest of the sisters, Kim Kardashian, is accustomed to, whose publications on the social network are always controversial due to the amount of meat she shows in them.

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Kendall Jenner’s photographs are far from those types of images in which Kim tries to enhance her sexier and more provocative side by highlighting the most striking parts of her anatomy.

However, the style of Kendall he follows other paths and manages, like his older sister, to capture the attention of his followers.

On this occasion, Kendall Jenner has shared a couple of black and white photos from a shoot by Los Angeles photographer Sasha Samsonova.

In them we can see the model completely naked in a natural environment that gives the photographs a romantic air far removed from the provocative style of Kim Kardashian.

As shown in the photographs that Kendall Jenner herself has shared on her official Instagram account, these are artistic nudes in which the model herself uses her arms to cover her breasts.

And it is that the positions in which Kendall It is placed have been studied to the millimeter so that the photographs do not fall into vulgarity and its more than 147 million followers on the Instagram social network appreciate the naturalness, beauty and composition of the images.

It is worth mentioning that this publication was made a couple of years ago, on February 25, 2018 to be exact, however, it can be said that it is one of the best photo shoots that he has had throughout his artistic career.

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As expected with some photographs in which Kendall Jenner appears without any clothes, the likes accumulated at the speed of light, getting to date more than 4 million Likes and endless comments from their followers.

Click here to see Kendall Jenner’s bold photo.

The most divine woman today ”,“ Perfection ”,“ Completely natural, completely perfect ”,“ Natural, without surgeries ”,“ What a beautiful woman ”, were just some of the thousands of comments she received in her publication.

This is how one more time Kendall She shows the public not only to be a great model, but also a clear example of class and good taste.

Jenner in each of her sessions is elegant and extremely beautiful, something that truly characterizes her as a model, being one of the most recognized worldwide.

And it is that although it seems that a d3snudo is something controversial, for the model it is something completely natural only if she takes care and in general perfect balance between classic and sophisticated, since the black and white photography only shows her silhouette which is perfectly cared for this type of images.

On the other hand, it is well known that the renowned celebrity causes an impact with every step it takes, and it is no wonder, since with more than 145 million followers on Instagram it is among the 15 public influencers with the most followers around the world. world, although unfortunately, but not by much, is overtaken by her treasured sisters, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

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