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Flu Medicines Are “A Luxury” For Most

The pills and syrups exceed two million 500 thousand bolivars.

Given the rainy season, the chances of children and adults contracting respiratory diseases due to climate change increase, and in Venezuela acquiring medicines has become a “luxury” that few can afford.

According to a survey conducted by PRIMICIA, a cough syrup could range from Bs. 2,750,000 to Bs. 4,530,000, those of 30 milliliters and 120 milliliters, respectively.

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Some brands have similar prices for medicines for adults and children, since cough syrup for pediatric use is available for 3 million 200 thousand bolivars, and for adults for 3 million 800 thousand.

In the same way, the price also varies according to other characteristics, because if it includes anti-allergy the price is higher and reaches 6 million 200 thousand bolivars.

Other tablet medications to treat symptoms of the common cold cost up to more than 4 million bolívares. While for other brands that offer 10 tablets for the illness of flu and cold, you must pay about 5 million bolivars.

On the other hand, pediatric antiallergic syrups of 60 ml are obtained up to Bs. 6,660,000.

Even for tablets or pills for headaches, the price of 10 tablets is Bs. 3,800,000. Although other lesser known brands could be achieved for approximately Bs 2,800,000.

Because of this, many people turn to natural remedies to treat the common cold.

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