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Controversial: a judge forced the Otamendi sanatorium to administer chlorine dioxide

The Federal Justification forced the Otamendi Sanatorium to provide chlorine dioxide, prohibited in Argentina, as therapy for an hospitalized patient in serious condition with Covid-19 through a precautionary measure.

In the middle of the judicial fair and after months of the Argentine Society of Infectious Diseases (SADI) and the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (Anmat) alerting about the danger that this substance entails, the Surrogate Federal Judge Javier Pico Terrero ordered that the patient Oscar Jorge García Rúa be administered, according to the PROFILE portal.

On January 7, the man’s stepson, José María Lorenzo, asked the Justice that his mother’s husband (who died the day before due to coronavirus), urgently receive the administration of sodium ibuprofen and chlorine dioxide nebulizations , therapy that was prescribed by the patient’s neurosurgeon, Dante Converti (MN: 50,660).

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Terrero granted Lorenzo’s request, considering that “the coverage of the indicated treatments would not cause serious harm to the defendant, but instead avoid worsening the living conditions of the plaintiff.” In this way, the magistrate ruled that Otamendi must “guarantee the implementation of the treatments prescribed by his treating physician.” The sanatorium appealed for the precautionary measure.

However, the ruling worries the medical community because it could establish jurisprudence to prescribe treatments that are not authorized for medicinal use, not only in the case of this toxic substance in particular, but for others of equal danger.

“It is an aberrant decision,” agreed bioethics experts. In dialogue with that medium, the president of SADI, Omar Sued, expressed his concern about the ruling: “That a judge decides that a doctor has to apply a substance for which there is no scientific evidence is really worrying, especially when It is intravenously. It is not the decision of a magistrate to administer a medication that he does not know in a patient, it is not his role, “said the president of SADI.

Sued stressed that another alarming fact is that there are professionals who prescribe it as a treatment. “The Ministry of Health should evaluate the legitimacy of a doctor to recommend a therapy that Anmat herself alerts to its risk of toxicity,” he considered.

PROFILE was able to find out that The Otamendi Sanatorium has already administered inhaled ibuprofen to García Rúa (although clarifying that it is not under its responsibility), a therapy that although its effectiveness has not yet been proven and its use is not authorized, does not seem to present toxicity data, while for the Chlorine dioxide did indeed record deaths, especially in minors.

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