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NEWS: A 15-year-old boy kidnapped a four-year-old girl

The heinous crime goes around the world. A 15-year-old boy kidnapped a four-year-old girl; he raped her and then murdered her.

This event occurred in Peru, where the authorities captured the person responsible for the incident.

However, the mother’s behavior has also been harshly questioned.

A 15-year-old boy kidnapped a four-year-old girl

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It all started last Saturday night, when a 22-year-old mother decided to go to a party near her home.

So she left her two daughters, ages four and two, in the care of her nine-year-old cousin.

After midnight, the woman’s little cousin went to look for her until the party because her daughters wouldn’t stop crying.

“At one in the morning, my cousin came with the babies to the party. So I went with them and stayed until they fell asleep. Then I went back down to the celebration,” the mother, Mirella Huam├ín Santiago, told the media .

But hours later the girl returned again with the two little girls holding hands. They were on their way to the party because the girls had woken up.

It was there that they met a 15-year-old boy, who suddenly approached them and took the four-year-old in his arms.

Pretending to help the nine-year-old girl, the teenager convinced the girl to return home.

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But at one point the minor runs off with the girl in his arms and escapes.

The girls’ mother noticed her eldest daughter’s absence only until 6:00 am on Sunday.

And it was at that time that she filed the lawsuit for the disappearance of her four-year-old girl.

But soon after they found the body of the minor lifeless.

In addition, they reported that the girl died of a head and cervical trauma.


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