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Worldwide applause for equine serum | The press ce …

World media reflected on their portals this Tuesday that the clinical trial carried out in Argentina with equine serum had favorable results in patients with coronavirus.

“Argentine equine serum demonstrated efficacy and safety” for cases of covid-19, “the Spanish news agency EFE headlined, noting that the serum, which will begin to be distributed throughout the country this week,” has the advantage that it can be produced fast and on a large scale. “

Likewise, the French news agency AFP explained that the serum will be used “in patients who are getting worse and do not develop their own immune response in time” and highlighted that it is the “first innovative treatment approved for this disease developed in Argentina.”

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AP, the main US news agency, also highlighted the news on its Spanish-language portal. “Equine serum is more effective because horses have a blood volume six to seven times greater than that of humans and on the other hand they can produce a significant amount of antibodies with a potency between 20 and 100 times greater than horses. humans during a natural infection, “he published.

In parallel, the German news agency, Deutsche Welle, published that the equine serum approved by Argentina “reduces deaths from Covid-19 by 45%.”

In the region, meanwhile, the news chain Telesur highlighted that the Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, toured the facilities of the biotechnology company Inmunova, where the serum was made. He added that Fernández “expressed his pride in the developments achieved by Argentine science, while he praised the importance of the current project.”

From Uruguay, the newspaper The country highlighted that “the hyperimmune equine serum developed by Argentine scientists for the treatment of covid-19 has been available since yesterday for hospital use in the country” and added that hyperimmunization generates “a response similar to that produced by vaccination.”

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