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They appoint presidents of permanent commissions of the National Assembly

During the ordinary session of the National Assembly held this Tuesday, the appointment of the presidencies and vice presidencies of the permanent committees of parliament that had been pending from the first session was unanimously approved, informed the president of the parliament, Jorge Rodríguez.

Finance and Economic Development Commission.
President: Jesús Farías
Vice President: Orlando Camacho

Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change Commission.
President: Ricardo Molina
Vice President: Luis Parra

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Commission for Integral Social Development.
President: Pedro Infante
Vice President: Diva Guzmán

Science, Technology and Innovation Commission.
President: Ricardo Sánchez
Vice President: José Villarroel

Permanent Family Commission
President: Asia Villegas
Vice President: Gladys Requena

In the previous session, the following commissions had already been assigned:

Inner Politics

  • President: Pedro Carreño
  • Vice President: Rosa Leon

Foreign policy

  • President: Timoteo Zambrano
  • Vice-president: Ilenia Medina


  • President: Alexis Rodríguez Cabello
  • Vice President: José Brito
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Defense and Security

  • President: Jesús Suárez Chourio
  • Vice President: Gloria Castillo

People’s Power and the Media

  • President: Juan Carlos Alemán
  • Vice President: Tania Díaz

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