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Reimond Manco | Ronny Revollar after signing him: “Peruvian football has recovered a talent” | University Alliance | League 1 | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

University Alliance He has been in the first division for two seasons, time in which he has achieved remarkable growth, so much so that in 2020 he impressed many by leading the standings at the start of the championship. However, a series of circumstances caused the club to lose its way and remain in the middle of the table, fighting for a place in the Copa Sudamericana, which it finally did not obtain.

Looking ahead to this 2021, both the directive and the technical command are making great efforts to renew the players who are key in the team and bring other players to complete a competitive squad and be closer to the title they dream of so much.

In conversation with Depose, the Alianza Universidad technician, Ronny Revollar, spoke about the recent signing of Reimond manco, who was made official through social networks last Monday. “Welcome! Reimond Manco, moves his good football to the city with the best climate in the world “, was the message that the club dedicated to him.

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It is known of the complicated past of Reimond manco and his constant indiscipline, however, the Alianza Universidad strategist prefers to focus on the evolution he has had regarding his attitude in recent years and his evident talent for soccer.

“I asked ReimondHe is a crack, in terms of football he is a player who makes a difference in the teams he has attended, so we, because of the style of play that one practices, because of the system that I use and because of the taste I have of good football, I am convinced that he is going to give us that different quota that every team wants to have and today we are lucky to have him in the team “, maintained the strategist.

“It has been 5 years since I have seen negative news from Reimond Manco And that makes me happy as a soccer fan, because Peruvian soccer has recovered a talent. There has been no negative news about him for 5 years and he is not on the covers where he should not be ”he added.

Along the same lines, the coach assured that he hopes to contribute to the development of the footballer so that he fulfills his purpose of being called up again by Ricardo Gareca. “Manco is something to speak of for his good football, for his work and I’m sure that this year we will do everything as a technical command and as a club so that his desire to return to the national team is given in the best way,” he said.


Alianza Lima welcomes its new sponsor (Video: @cristalperu)


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