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Nuria Sparch on the acquisition of vaccines: “There is no way that clinics can compete with the State”

The Minister of Defense, Nuria Sparch, affirmed this Tuesday that “there is no way that the private sector or clinics can compete with the State” in the acquisition and administration of vaccines against COVID-19, after the questioning of a decree that authorizes private companies to market these products.

“I do not imagine that any local clinic or a local private company is capable of leaving us without vaccines. We have to convey to the population that their vaccination, in the phase that touches them, is guaranteed,” he told the program Connection of RPP.

Sparch argued that “this formula that private individuals can vaccinate” does not actually contradict the policy of universal and free vaccination.

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“It really is complementing the most important measure, which is that vaccination is assured for all citizens that it corresponds to vaccinate, according to the phases established by the Ministry of Health, “he said.

“The important thing is that all citizens know that the vaccine will be free from the State, like all vaccination programs that children receive in Peru,” he emphasized.

Mazzeti rules out commercialization in 2021

Earlier, during her speech at the CADE of executives 2021, the Minister of Health, Pilar Mazzetti, ruled out that private entities will be able to import and market independently, vaccines against COVID-19 in Peru, as long as they have an emergency nature, for which he pointed out that this year this will not happen.

The head of the sector explained that the registration and approval of the different vaccines is taking place in an emergency context and is different from how any other product would be commercialized. “It is not possible because whoever administers an emergency vaccine assumes all risks, including insurance for each vaccinated person and medical attention for eventualities that may arise.”

“This situation has to evolve and the time when other people can apply the vaccine is obviously still a bit distant … There is still a long time before we can talk about other interventions in the market,” he added.

In addition, he clarified that in this emergency context, private laboratories “that already have approval of their vaccines” will only be able to market them with the State.

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