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They fired Bruce Willis for REFUSING to wear a mask in a Los Angeles store: PHOTO

During the health crisis generated by COVID-19, thousands of stories have been given to know of people I know refuse to follow the measures of health to avoid more infections by this disease.

And although there are few stories of celebrities who incur these faults, they also happen, and this is the case of Bruce Willis, well recently the multi-awarded actor American who refused to wear a mask.

This happened in a store in Los Angeles, California, where the protagonist of Hard to Kill did not comply with the necessary measures to enter the establishmentreported the site Page Six.

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According to the information of what happened, the people witnessed how Bruce Willis was taken from the scene after they got upset that the 65-year-old actor did not cover his nose and his mouth as indicated by health security measures despite having a handkerchief around his neck that would function as his mask.

The famous actor was photographed by the press that was near the place and there are witnesses who assure that, in fact, he famously refused to use the protection of the bandana to cover nose and mouth.

After what happened and the scandal, a representative of the actor refused to give comments al regarding what happened in the county of The Angels.

It should be remembered that this city in U.S has become an important source of coronavirus infection as it is the epicenter in the state of California, as this city already exceeds 10,000 deaths due to the disease that began in Wuhan, China.

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