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WhatsApp does not want to violate your privacy, it wants to profit better from you

The new privacy policy of WhatsApp caused a stir as they immediately multiplied privacy concerns in the app.

For some, those apprehensions were justified due to the recurring problems that have affected Facebook in this matter, since the social network par excellence bought the messaging platform in 2014 and since that year it has been part of countless controversies. There it is, to name the most relevant example, what happened with Cambridge Analytica and the presidential election that Donald Trump won.

But although the giant created by Mark Zuckerberg is the one that determines everything that happens on WhatsApp, the new changes do not involve any commitment to the privacy of the messages that are protected by end-to-end encryption which ensures that only the sender and the recipient have access to each message.

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Hence, the changes to the privacy policy are not aimed at permeating privacy, which would really mark the end of the application, but rather is aimed at the great goal of Facebook: get the best profile of each of your users through information exchanges between all your applications, including Instagram and WhatsApp. That inevitably means increasing your profit opportunities with your free apps.

North of Facebook has always been to catch the advertising golden goose to target each campaign to its best audience, since the above directly implies that the company’s income is increased by having a more effective platform for advertisers.

This was explained by the company itself in a public clarification made amid the concerns of its users. Thus he explained that the new change: “includes modifications related to the messages that are sent to companies through WhatsApp, which is optional, and provides greater transparency regarding the way we collect and use data.”

The modification also reflects Facebook’s intentions to generate commercial transactions within its own applications, also becoming part of the communication of the providers, for which it recently presented information on the shopping experience on WhatsApp with the implementation of carts that companies can implement through the WhatsApp Business application.

“With Facebook-branded business features, such as stores, some businesses will be able to display their goods directly on WhatsApp so that people can see the items available for sale. If users choose to interact with Stores, the purchase activity can be used to personalize the experience with stores and the ads that each user sees on Facebook and Instagram, ”the WhatsApp statement detailed.

In all this scenario, the important thing lies in the fact that in order to achieve their advertising objective, each user of Facebook applications has agreed to deliver not only the basic information, including the telephone number, but also the time of use, the data technicians of each device or the estimated geographic location, among other elements that can be used for advertising purposes.

At the same time, Zuckerberg’s company ecosystem seeks to enhance the interaction between its own platforms, so it will be more and more recurrent to see how WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook merge to polish the presentation of ads mentioned in the company’s statement.

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This new change in policy does not affect users in Europe, since the European Union authorities have implemented, through their data protection regulations, certain barriers to prevent this type of information exchange between Facebook and WhatsApp.

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