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Camilo on starting his married life in the pandemic: “It was the year I was closest to Evaluna” | Ricardo Montaner

I can’t believe it’s been a year now “commented Camilo, who so far was surprised that he married Evaluna Montaner. The Colombian singer ensures that time passed very quickly to be able to celebrate his first anniversary. He also confessed that start your married life in the middle of a pandemic It helped them to get closer to each other than when they were dating.

I can’t believe it’s been a year now. And just because of the situation of this 2020, too It was the year that I have been closest to Evaluna since we met. It was willing to be the year we got married and each one had to take a little separate course, she to record her series and I to my tour. And we had the opportunity to join, “said the interpreter of” Rich life “at a press conference.

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In that sense, the Ricardo Montaner’s son-in-law He assured that a celebration is coming and possibly another ode to love that they usually share with their followers: “Let’s celebrate. In those days there is also an Evaluna song and we will celebrate creatively as well. I’m very excited about that. “

At the end of last year, the Montaners released their first song together titled “Amen.” The song – composed by Ricardo, his sons (Mau and Ricky, Evaluna) and Camilo– It is a prayer in which the members of this family of musicians, as they said, share their innermost fears, their deepest despair, their most heartfelt anguish.


With the release of “Amen”, it would not be unreasonable to think that the Montaner family can work on more productions beyond the musical. ¿A reality of the clan members would it be possible to see? Mau Montaner he considers that they have thought about it since his family represents many and serves as an example of union.

“This has been something we have had in mind for a long time. I feel like it was a vision that God revealed to our father over 15 years ago, bring that (not perfect) family example“Said the member of Want y Ricky in the same conversation with the international press.

Little by little the moment is approaching when it will happen and that, for some reason, it didn’t happen before. After ‘Amen’ we have realized. (…) I think the moment is approaching that it is more necessary than before and I don’t know when it’s going to come out or if it’s going to happen. I feel like there is so much more that we can tell, ”he added.


When remembering past times, Ricardo Montaner He comments that his grandfather always had the dream of having “a big house”, as mentioned in one of his children’s songs Want y Ricky. Although it never happened, because each one took different directions, but he stayed with that idea until he started a family.

“Today I can say that I have the family that I dreamed of“Said the Argentine singer. “With all the flaws in the world, we have cracks and little cracks like any normal family. We have something very clear, that God is our scepter and above all things, we love each other. Any type of problem that may occur, with love we solve it”.


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After showing his request for a hand and relationship with the subject “Medialuna“and his honeymoon with”Favorite“, now Camilo and Evaluna they open their first house together and they do it to the rhythm of “Rich life“.

This song is the soundtrack of that search for our first physical place, of our first illusion of having a home, a house and everything was captured with the video. From how we signed the purchase papers, to how we restored it because it had leaks, Everything that appears and I sing is real and honest, “confessed the Colombian, who added that there was no better rhythm than cumbia to capture all those emotions.

Many of his followers wonder if the next step is to increase the family, since with his recent single “Baby“(together with the Dominican rapper El Alfa and who has already accumulated more than two million views in less than a day) has them a bit confused.”I realized late when I named the song He pointed out between laughs. but no, at the moment it does not refer to increasing the family“.

Although this new single is about love and family: “I haven’t seen my parents, my sister for a long time, so this song is my need to dance close together, to give us kisses and hugs in a time that is so necessary. It sounds innocent, but I am moved by illusion, “he explains.

His medium-term future includes releasing more singles, a format he claims to be “in love with”, continuing to work on music to one day collaborate with artists such as Ed Sheeran O Justin Bieber and continue to feed the YouTube channel with his girlfriend, to which they upload videos about their relationship


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