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The feat completed: Industriales is already in the post-season!

Industriales is already in the post-season. Photo: Boris Luis Cabrera.

The Industrialists of the capital came out this Wednesday to the neutral ground of Nelson Fernández with the impetus that their faithful expected and beat the Azucareros de Villa Clara 11-7 to guarantee your stay in the playoffs of the National Series in its 60th edition.

The blue flag of Gothic letters never fell to the mud despite injuries and illnesses, long confinements and several days away from training. The feline claw and the lineage of the ancestors that have been tattooed in their blood came out through the pores of these boys and after their return they managed to achieve seven triumphs in eight challenges to complete the feat and mount, to the astonishment of their detractors, in the ship that will soon set sail for the promised land of the post-season.

The Azucareros could do little after they removed the left-handed reliever Randy Cueto from the box, who did not allow the capital’s hits for four episodes, and a parade of pitchers who arrived later were unable to stop the artillery of their rivals.

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A total of nine indisputable ones were mixed with the lack of control of the opposing pitchers to seal the victory where The bow man Alberto Calderón stood out with four teammates towed for the plate and Yamil Rivalta who brought three.

José Pablo Cuesta perched on the mound with just three days off in a show of courage after pitching five innings last Sunday and was barely able to work a third of the game. A homer from Magdiel Gómez and another homer by Roberto Acea with two men on board altered his ERA but thanks to a cluster of seven runs in the sixth of his blue troop the “blood” did not reach the river. Héctor Ponce was successful and Andy Rodriguez put the bolt.

After this victory the Industrialists have a balance of 41-30 and rose to the fourth seat in the standings ahead of the Leñadores de las Tunas for the average number of wins. See you in the post-season.

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