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How much will Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines cost in Colombia?

Through two resolutions, the Ministry of Finance established that the 20 million doses will be purchased with funds totaling 718,954 million pesos.

Pfizer vaccines will cost 437,188 million pesos, as detailed by the Ministry of Finance in the first resolution, 2327 signed on November 25, 2020.

Similarly, AstraZeneca vaccines will cost 281,766 million pesos, according to document number 2461 signed on December 15, 2020 by the Minister of Finance, Alberto Carrasquilla, and the general director of the National Public Budget, Claudia Marcela Numa.

How much will each vaccine cost?

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In this regard, W Radio reported that the individual value of each vaccine this priced in dollars.

Thus, the Pfizer vaccine will cost $ 12 for each dose (about 41,800 pesos each). Meanwhile, the AstraZeneca vaccine will cost $ 8.2 per dose (about 28,600 pesos each), added that station.

However, the National Government allocated a little more than initially budgeted, as being priced in dollars, the final value of the vaccines may fluctuate depending on the current exchange rate the moment the doses are paid to the drug companies, added that frequency radial.

These are the resolutions of the Ministry of Finance:

MinHacienda 01 by David Rios on Scribd

MinHacienda 02 by David Rios on Scribd

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COVID-19 vaccine: criticism from some sectors and explanations of the government

Given the wave of criticism from various people, especially on social networks, for the alleged delay in the arrival of the vaccine to the country, the National Government detailed that the aforementioned doses of Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

To those are added those of the mechanism Covax and that of the Belgian laboratory Janssen (owned by the American Johnson & Johnson) for a total of 49 million doses that would be applied to 29 million people during this year.

The secrecy of the Government in this regard has generated suspicions, but the Ministry of Health stepped up and clarified why can’t all deals be disclosed once and for all.

“Even the Russian vaccine requires a confidentiality agreement. Under these agreements, the country undertakes not to disclose information on the agreements, contracts, quantities, or conditions of the vaccines. This is not only for Colombia ”, assured the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz.

He warned that if a country violates the confidentiality agreement and delivers the information “it is subject to sanctions or the possibility of cutting off the supply of the vaccine.”

For this reason, Ruiz said that all instances of the country, “public and private,” must understand that it is a “sensitive” issue that can put Colombia’s access to the vaccine against COVID-19 at risk.

These were the words of the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz (from minute 2:31):

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