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Five companies are responsible for 50% of Peru’s textile exports

According to the most recent report published by the Association of Exporters (ADEX), with figures from Peruvian Customs, five companies are responsible for 50% of total Peruvian exports: Michell & CIA SA, Inca Tops SA, Sudamericana de Fibras SA, Textiles Camones SA and Fitesa Perú SAC.

Among the five companies they added shipments of 109.6 million dollars in 2020, over the total of 221.2 million dollars invoiced in exports within the category. Michell & CIA SA leads the list with a 21.45% share of total shipments and a foreign sales turnover of $ 47.4 million.

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Incatops SA and Sudamericana de Fibras SA are located in the second and third positions with 10.21% and 7.94%, respectively, equivalent to 22.5 and 17.5 million dollars.

Peruvian textile exports were globally declined by more than 20% this year, however the textile category itself was the least affected.

The natural fibers of Peru and its high quality workmanship are the standard bearers of the category that ranks as the only one in Latin America with these characteristics, hence many companies in the country have become suppliers of large houses and fashion brands in Europe and Asia.


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