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For Congresswoman Fernanda Vallejos, exporting food is a “curse”

The national deputy of the Frente de Todos questions the price of food and highlights the importance of increasing wages and pensions Source: File – Credit: Fernando Massobrio / LA NACION

The national deputy of the Frente de Todos, Fernanda vallejos placeholder image, said today in a tweet that exporting food is a “curse” for the country. The economist warned about the need to “re-align salaries, pensions and incomes of Argentines with the price of sensitive goods and services, and those essential for living.”

“We have the curse of exporting food, so that domestic prices are stressed by international dynamics. It is imperative to decouple international and domestic prices, since domestic prices must be governed by the purchasing power (in pesos) of Argentines “

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According to the deputy, “we must move forward in 2021 with the parity companies that demand real growth in wages above inflation as well as pensions, which with the latest law we have approved are tied to their evolution. If we have good joint ventures, we will have good pensions. “

In turn, the deputy stressed the importance of “income having a real recovery because they have lost a very large purchasing power during the Macri government and also during the last year.”

The reaction in the networks

The critics did not wait. “In other words, since you pulverized people’s real wages, you want the producer to be pulverized as well. Always thinking of equalizing down, “wrote the economist in the same social network Roberto Cachanosky.

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“This reasoning loses sight of 4 things: 1) 75% of the price of food, paradoxically it is not food; 2) we consume little of what we export the most (soybeans); 3) Prices guide production, and 4) If we export less, the dollar will be more expensive and real wages lower, “he added Martin Tetaz.

Hector R. Torres, A former director at the IMF, he completed that list: “5) The countries that import food pay international prices. I think that the reasoning lacks reasoning and has too much ideology.”

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