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The parents of Santiago’s double femicide appeared: What had happened to them? | Chronicle

The parents of Jorge Vidal Date (29), who is still detained for murder his ex-partner and his ex-mother-in-law with shotguns in the santiagueña city of Mount Burned, appeared alive this Tuesday after an intense search traversed by the fear that the accused also killed them.

In parallel to the investigation into the brutal double femicide, the investigators spearheaded a race against time to find Vidal’s parents Date, since they were the last people who were with the defendant before the crime and after the murder, the rural area where they reside could not be located, located about 70 kilometers from the aforementioned city in Santiago del Estero.

His sudden disappearance aroused concern regarding the suspicion that the man had murdered his parents before committing the double femicide.

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The search culminated in the early hours of Tuesday when the troops found the couple stranded on a local road. As reported by the El Liberal site, they had suffered a mechanical damage in the vehicle in which they were moving and they were left in a place with no signal, as they headed to the city of Monte Quemado.

Once the parents were located, they were transferred to the judicial headquarters where they had an interview with the prosecutor investigating the double homicide Santiago Bridoux, to whom they confirmed that Vidal Date was at his home before murdering his former partner and former mother-in-law.

The mother, for her part, said that his son was “weird and sad”, but what he never told them what he planned to do, but he did hint that I was angry about the “family situation” that went through, indicated the aforementioned medium.

The brutal double femicide occurred around 12:30 p.m., in the El Porvenir neighborhood, where Vidal Date went after returning from work on his motorcycle and with the firearm hidden in a jacket. He came to where his ex-partner was, Yésica Viviana Palmas (23), with whom she had a 2-year-old son, at the house of a friend of hers and he attacked her with shotguns.

Then, the aggressor walked about 350 meters to the home of the victim’s mother, Felipa Antonia Correa (39) and shot him in the chest, informants said.

The spokespersons indicated that the attacker escaped from the second crime scene, although minutes later he was arrested by police officers alerted to the incident.

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