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A couple was caught having sex outdoors in a park in Mar del Plata

It is worth clarifying that the San Martin Park It is one of the most traditional public spaces in the seaside resort that, during the summer season, is a must for motorists. It is facing the sea but does not have access to the beach, so it is not very crowded.

A hot season

It was the second incident of these characteristics recorded on the Buenos Aires coast last week. Three days ago in Sierra de los Padres a group of couples organized a swinger party and a participant mistook a police officer for a stripper.

Agents of General inspection municipal authorities were alerted to a illegal party. Upon arriving at the house, the owner greeted them kindly and, upon request for the corresponding authorization, replied that he did not have the permission to carry out the event.

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A police commission arrived at the scene in order to search the home. At that moment a woman who was going to participate in the meeting arrived and when she met one of the uniformed women, she thought she was going to the party and tried to seduce her. The confusion did not go any further.

The party was thwarted, but no arrests were recorded. Of course, the participants of the meeting were warned to avoid repeating it, since it went against health measures to prevent coronavirus infections.

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