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Pedro Campos and the comparisons with his famous actor parents: “I don’t care anymore”

To the actor Pedro Campos (32 years old) we see him these days as “Julian” in “Edificio Corona”, his new character in the dramatic area of ​​Mega.

The actor thus adds a new professional challenge on television, which is added to what was done in “Power Games”, “Amanda”, and “Poor Gallo”, among others, that have seen its evolution since it debuted on television in “Maldita” (Mega) in 2012.

Family of actors

Pedro has also had to deal with the eternal comparisons that are made to him with his famous parents, also actors and prominent in their field: Claudia di Girolamo and Cristián Campos.

“There was always a comparison with them, and probably for some people there will always be, but the good thing is that I don’t care anymore“, He assured La Cuarta.

Even his father has helped him to know how to perform on television, pointing out that he should “always be true to who I am, and my process. Do not let myself be contaminated by criticisms that do not contribute and that will not mean growth as a professional or as a person.

Pedro added that his parents are “Referents on an artistic and human level”, so he is proud of the family he comes from.

His new character

Regarding “Julián” from “Edificio Corona”, Campos said that he is a 25-year-old from Punta Arenas who “does not give much time to relax, more than time, because his personality does not allow it. Less after his brother’s show, when a bus arrives to live in the apartment”.

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