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Netflix: Five premiere series that have become user favorites

He catlogo of Netflix continues to grow with premiere series. In the last few weeks released productions that have become a trend among followers.

These are the five series that are marking trend on the platform streaming. The weekend is coming and you can enjoy it with these original productions.

Sabrina’s hidden world

Released last year, this 2021 it was announced that this series will say goodbye with a final season. Some claim that the end was too early. It has become a public favorite.


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Shonda Rhimes appears for the first time on Netflix with this period production. He immediately placed himself among the most seen on the platform. The production received rave reviews especially for its adaptation of the London family.


A resounding success to the extent that this second season far exceeded the first. Again, the Carranza are immersed in power, intrigue, and ambition.

Cobra kai

Due to the success of the past seasons, Netflix advanced the premiere of the third installment, which is described as darker. Despite the years that have passed, the popularity of the characters does not wane.


A production full of mystery and fantasy that has positioned itself as one of the favorites. Largely for its episodes that do not exceed two hours. A great option to enjoy a whole day.

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