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An officer of the Federal Police shot down a motorcycle that wanted to assault him in Moreno

The event occurred in Moreno

This morning, a cash of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) shot dead one of the criminals who assaulted him in the town of Paso del Rey of the Buenos Aires party of Moreno.

The event took place around 8.30 this Wednesday in the South Collector of the Western Highway, at the height of Velasco Street in the Villa Zapiola neighborhood. According to police sources informed Infobae, at the time of the attempted robbery, the agent, who is part of the San Martín Motorized Tactical Unit for Immediate Operations (UTOI), he was accompanied by his girlfriend.

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The couple was traveling on a motorcycle heading towards Luján when suddenly they were intercepted four thieves traveling on two other motorcycles. Two of the criminals – one of them armed – got off the wheels and forced the police to stop the march near the intersection with Ricardo Rojas Street.

Then, one of the jets grabbed the woman by the neck while the other began to struggle with cash. According to the spokesmen, the officer said that he saw that the thief who had tied his partner, “He tried to extract something from her waist.” Faced with this situation, he then identified himself, called out and drew his regulation weapon, after which he fired two shots.

One of the assailants received a bullet in the chest which caused his death almost on the spot while the other ended with a gunshot wound to the left ankle. The policeman, for his part, was unharmed. Personnel from the Argentine National Gendarmerie (GNA) carried out the expert reports on the spot and seized the gun from the cash.


The felon was identified as Martin Ernesto Moreno, of 34 years, with address in Florencio Varela. As it became known, records 2008 record for qualified robbery in the Functional Unit of Instruction Nº 9 of Mercedes. While, his wounded accomplice, a 19-year-old A native of Moreno, he was transferred to a medical center under police custody.

The investigation of the case fell to the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 3 of the Moreno-General Rodríguez Judicial Department, in charge of the prosecutor Luisa Pontecorvo. The judicial officer, in principle, He did not take any action on the policeman, as he believes that it was a homicide in legitimate defense.

Another event that involved a PFA officer occurred last night in the Fátima neighborhood of González Catán, more precisely at the intersection of Ruta 21 and Calderón de la Barca, near the Matanza river. There, Federico Julio López was shot, a policeman with the rank of assistant from the South Metropolitan Operations Division of the Dangerous Drugs area of ​​the PFA, who was in the middle of an investigation commissioned by the UFI thematic drug trafficking of La Matanza.

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Lopez was shot in the head. In serious condition, he was transferred to the Churruca hospital, where is hospitalized and in stable condition. The impact entered through the left parietal.

UFI N ° 9 of La Matanza with the prosecutor Andrea Palin began a series of emergency raids with various police forces. Eight operations were carried out in which the federal force detained four suspects and seized two firearms and ammunition.

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