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Who was Alex Malverde, Hip Hop musician who narrated his DEATH on Twitter?

At dawn on Wednesday, January 13, the death of the musician was announced Alex Malverde, recognized producer and promoter of Hip Hop in Mexico. The musician had made known to his followers just a few days ago that he was infected with Covid-19 and that kept a fighter regain her health.

The musician was considered a discoverer of hip hop talent in our country, was founder of Homegrown and responsible for the independent label Rich Vagos and in social networks he narrated how the virus was evolving in his body, where he pointed out that although he did not present discomfort, he decided to take a tomography, which revealed that he hadsmall ulmons.

The musician decided to take it with humor and made fun of his situation, always maintaining the situation in the best way. During the last days, Malverde was more active in his official Twitter account where he made known the state of his health.

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Malverde even asked for support, through Twitter, to get an oxygen tank in Mexico City, however his fight against the virus ended this Wednesday January 13th.

Alex was the founder of Homegrown Mafia, label that has taken Mexican hip hop a step further, and was a key piece in the growth of artists such as Gera MX, Robot95, Álvaro Diaz, Simpson Ahuevo and more.

Photo: Archive / Twitter @melodiaviajera

As part of Homegrown, he took national rap to an even more mainstream and professional level, reaching out to fans of all types of music and promoting artists such as Yoga Fire, Fntxy and German.

All good from La Banda Bastön, was the project with which he made it clear that he knew what he was doing, before the current boom of hip hop, reggaeton and other genres in our country.

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