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Emilio Osorio tested positive for Covid

Juan Osorio, through his Twitter account, revealed that his son Emilio Osorio, had tested positive for Covid-19, for what he asked, they will give him their support during confinement.

Minutes before the singer revealed a simple, but specific message in his social networks in which confirmed who had joined the list of famous people affected by the virus.

Let’s remember that your dad, the soap opera producer Juan Osorio, Recently got through the disease which led him to think that he would lose his life, since the symptoms were serious for him, he even must use an oxygen tank to carry out his daily activities.

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“Banda, your support is very important. Emilio is confined for testing positive for COVID, help him not despair. Thank you, supporters”stressed the producer on his Twitter account.

Without revealing more details of his condition, Emilio Osorio he just wrote: “Positive. But no more than me chiki”, in your social profile.

The support from the followers did not wait and they sent him various positive messages, some wrote him recommendations to take care of himself during the illness.

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