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Details on the contribution – Radio Reloj

Havana Cuba. Concerns of the population about the contributions in the economic order were clarified in the Round Table by the Head of the National Tax Administration Office, Mary Blanca Ortega, and other directors of the ONAT.

The vice chief of the ONAT, Belkis Pino, referred to the Tax on Land Transportation that maintains the same prices, only that those that were previously paid in CUC are now multiplied by 25 and are paid in pesos.

Regarding the artistic sector and taxpayers with less than six months of suspension of activities, they will only have to comply with the formal duty to present the Affidavit, since their income is zero or if they are less, they will surely not have to pay.

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In the Round Table it was explained that those who contribute for two activities and one is suspended, when presenting the Affidavit they only expose the income for which it is active.

Tax and contributions

The first deputy chief of the National Tax Administration Office, Yoandra Cruz, explained at the Round Table that the payment of contributions is reverted directly to the person who does it, while taxes go to the collective benefit.

The directive detailed the division of the State Budget, in central, local and Social Security, the latter item that is nourished by the contribution of the employers and workers.

He recalled that the Special Contribution to Social Security, which is 5%, began to be applied with the beginning of payment for results in some companies and the increase in wages in other sectors, but now it has become general with the wage reform.

Cruz indicated that the Personal Income Tax is applied with an exempt minimum of 3,260 pesos, a figure from which three percent is charged.

To enable electronic services

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Reinaldo Alemán, Deputy Head of the National Office of the Tax Administration, ONAT, He pointed out that since its launch the tax portal has received more than 30 thousand visits.

We will continue to improve the work on said website with the help of the contributors themselves, said the manager, who added that in order to achieve greater privacy of the information, some changes were made to the digital platform.

At the Round Table, Alemán reported that the tax vector will be available on the tax portal from the 15th, before the affidavit campaign begins on the 28th.

When questioned by viewers, the deputy chief of the ONAT responded that the land transportation tax CAN be paid by Transfermóvil, and recalled that ONE of the options of this electronic channel is to use fiscal bank accounts to pay for the accounts.

Valid clarifications

The National Office of the Tax Administration, ONAT, does not suspend activities on its own account, clarified the head of that organization, Mary Blanca Ortega, when speaking at the Round Table.

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He added that the ONAT only exempts those self-employed workers who, at the request of the Municipal and Provincial Administration Councils, have suspended their activities.

Ortega insisted that last year the tax quotas were reduced by 20 percent, except for landlords of housing and spaces, and confirmed that no there is an increase in the monthly tax payments.

It is the will of the government not to increase these quotas so as not to transfer to the retail price increased taxes that influence an increase in prices, stressed the head of the ONAT before concluding the Round Table television program.

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