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RN questions quotas for constituents on the “Vamos Chile” list

Although the registration of candidacies for constituents was completed on Monday, it still continues to generate blows within the parties.

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And the criticisms come mainly from those who were left off the lists, because they suspected or had some inkling that they could participate in the next April ballot.

But the negotiations that took place in the capital ended up generating more headaches than happiness in several districts. Just as in Santiago Centro the inclusion of the ultra-right opinionologist Tere Marinovic generated questions throughout the arc, especially in RN and that included the resignation of one of its applicants, something similar happens in Biobío.

Of course, in the Region the problem lies in the way in which the seven quotas were distributed among the parties that make up “Vamos Chile”.

One of those left out is the ex seremi of Education, Fernando Peña, who left office on December 24 to pursue the application that ultimately did not materialize. “I thank those who trusted me by giving me their support and company. I must confess that I am very beaten, since I risked my life on this, without a parachute and without a calculator, ”he said on social networks.

The RN crisis

In the party of the star there is also another personero who had an interest in reaching the constituent and who now will not be able to do so.

Its about former governor of Concepción, Robert Contreras, who fell asleep on Monday night being one of the constituent candidates for RN, and woke up the next day out of the ballot.

According to Contreras, this is due to pressure from one of the party’s local factions, “Las Águilas,” a group close to MP Francesca Muñoz.

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“Although all my documentation was validated before the Servel and all the instances of the party, a decision made between roosters and midnight leaves me out. Here there was undue pressure from the deputy Francesca Munoz to lower my candidacy, “he accused.

The parliamentarian responded to these accusations. “I will not accept gratuitous offenses and lies from someone with political ambitions. The statutes of the party that prioritized Luciano Silva have been fulfilled and I regret that Robert Contreras has been left out. I never asked Robert to come down and I regret this measure, ”said the deputy.

But that was not all. Muñoz called on his colleagues from Evópoli to assume the costs of parity on the list. “Evópoli should have brought two women and not have sacrificed RN who had two competitive male candidates. Having left two women and one man is a mistake ”, he assured.

Presidents’ vision

From the dRN irigence They support the statements of the deputy Muñoz and stated that Evópoli should have been the party in charge of bringing two quotas for women to comply with gender parity.

“Here the negotiations were not optimal, otherwise we would have Robert starting his campaign. It is known that the presence of women in politics is more difficult and I believe that RN and the UDI should have negotiated gender quotas and Evópoli assume the determination. I agree with the deputy that Evópoli should have had the two female quotas”, He stated Felipe Rodriguez, regional president of RN.

His pair from Evópoli, Juan Pablo Spoerer, asked the star’s store not to hold him responsible for the negotiation. “We have different visions with RN. We raised six candidates and agreed to go with two. I am not going to interfere in the internal decisions of the parties and the names chosen by Vamos Chile for the Constituent Assembly are the correct ones, ”he said.

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