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“Let the Tabasco chachalaca be quiet”: Vicente Fox again launched himself against AMLO

AMLO and Vicente Fox (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

It’s been more than 14 years, but Vicente Fox still hasn’t forgotten the “shut up, chachalaca!” that Andrés Manuel López Obrador dedicated to him, current president of Mexico, during the 2006 elections.

However, it was now Fox who responded in the same way to AMLO.

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On his Twitter account, the former Mexican president responded to a video where they recalled when AMLO told him that chachalaca.

So Fox wrote: “Congruence, Mr. President! Let the Tabasco chachalaca shut up in the morning ”.

Fox's tweet calling "chachalaca" a AMLO
Fox’s tweet calling AMLO “chachalaca”

The former president, who ruled the country between 2000 and 2006, made reference to the current controversy that AMLO maintains with the National Electoral Institute, since its leader, Lorenzo Cordova, announced that morning conferences will have to suspend their entire transmission during the political campaign months prior to the June elections.

“The current criteria that have been applied in the last two years establish that, During electoral campaigns, the full transmission of these conferences should be suspended, since it is considered that, since they promote the achievements of the government, they constitute government propaganda, whose diffusion is prohibited during the campaigns by our Constitution ”, explained Córdova.

However, López Obrador raised his voice to regret this position, as he defined it as an act of censorship.

The president of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova.  EFE / Mario Guzmán / Archive
The president of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova. EFE / Mario Guzmán / Archive
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“As censorship is already in fashion worldwide, it already wants to limit us. How are they going to take away the right of expression, of demonstration? How do they take away the right of demonstration from the people? ”Said the Mexican president at the January 12 conference.

He announced that he will go to court and called on Mexicans to express their opinion on whether they consider this request to be legal, “if it is okay that in Mexico, the president cannot speak.”

And in the conference on Wednesday, January 13, he added on the subject: “The only thing I can comment on is that propaganda should not be confused with information. What is propaganda? The one that I am calling to vote for a party directly or simulated. Which is the word? Subliminal.

“No, we are not going to do that, we have never done it, it would be going against our principles, we fought against that for a long time, something that the director of the INE did not see, because he turned a blind eye, what the previous governments, until the last government ”.

Fox took advantage of the recent controversy with the INE to call "chachalaca" a AMLO
Fox took advantage of the recent controversy with the INE to call AMLO “chachalaca”

Fox took advantage of these circumstances to remember the “chachalaca”, because during the 2006 presidential campaign, when López Obrador was running for the position against Felipe Calderón (who was finally elected), then-President Fox questioned some of the campaign promises of the Tabasco .

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The politician from the National Action Party (PAN) did not agree with AMLO’s proposal to lower the price of fuel if he became president.

Fox’s interference in the campaign was signaled by various voices. Even the then-president counselor of the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE, today INE), Luis Carlos Ugalde, he commented that the president was the most obliged to be neutral.

AMLO has indicated that the INE's decision is censorship (Photo: Presidency of Mexico)
AMLO has indicated that the INE’s decision is censorship (Photo: Presidency of Mexico)

So on March 15, 2006, during a rally in Ocotlán de Morelos, in the state of Oaxaca, AMLO said: “Shut up, citizen president! Stop shouting like a chachalaca.”

A day later, on March 16, in Tehuantepec, AMLO used that word again. That day he referred to Fox as “The older chachalaca” and then he said “shut up, chachalaca!”

The chachalaca is a bird with a rather peculiar song and the term is often used to refer to noisy people.


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