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Cheating on Michelle Renaud? Actress speaks of Quererlo Todo

Michelle Renaud and Danilo Carrera gave much to talk about last December, this after rumors began that the protagonists of Want it all They had ended their courtship and this was interfering with the soap opera recordings. Later they took out the supposed “third in discord”, Scarlet Gruber, who did not want to be silent and finally spoke about her relationship with Danilo.

Griber, plays Sandy, the girlfriend of the character of Danilo Carrera in Wanting Everything and decided to point out that there is nothing more than a friendship between her and Michelle Renaud’s boyfriend.

No, Danilo has a partner, Michelle Renaud and the truth is that the three of us get along very well, we are very professional, so that is not going to happen, the stars are not going to line up for that, said the Venezuelan actress on the program Today.

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The Venezuelan actress was very direct in pointing out that both she and Michelle and Danilo are being very professional with their work and get along quite well, so if people appreciate “chemistry” between her and Danilo Carrera it is because they are committed to their work and they are doing it quite well.

If they see any chemistry or something, it is because we are doing our job very well, the famous one reiterated.

Scarlet Gruber confessed that she is currently quite calm in love, single and very focused on Wanting Everything.

We do not have any barriers and we feel free to recreate our current characters, call it in scenes of kisses and affectionate postures, it is always appreciated that Danilo is very generous, he said about his stage development.

It was announced that the last known relationship of who gives life to Sandy was the famous singer Kalimba, with whom he agreed to be dating in 2019.

Scarlet Gruber was very direct in her interview for the Hoy program and stressed that she is very discreet with her personal life and love relationships.

He called the attention when the current pandemic by Covid-19 began how it was that the love stories on television would develop respecting the corresponding health measures; Therefore, in a very intelligent way, the production of Quererlo Todo, chose as its leading partner actors who are a couple in real life.

The relationship of Michelle Renaud and Danilo Carrera caused a huge uproar when it was revealed, as it was made amid rumors that they were both being unfaithful because they were engaged to other people at the time. The romance between the two developed when they were part of a soap opera.

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Despite the rumors of a separation, Michelle Renaud and Danilo Carrera find themselves united and more in love than ever. After Tv Notes assured that their courtship had come to an end, the protagonist of Want it all He denied it on social networks.

The famous couple has not stopped showing love and affection on social networks, where they also shared that they spent the Christmas holidays together and in the company of Marcelo, Michelle Renaud’s son in his past marriage and who apparently gets along quite well with Danilo Carrera .

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Michelle Renaud has shown that in addition to being a beautiful woman, she is a fairly intelligent woman and knows her worth. Proof of her was that she removed her implants showing that her self-esteem is greater than appearances.

The actress shared her decision with her followers, this after she noticed that the implants were harming her health. He took the opportunity to send a strong message to his followers.

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