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Covid-19 survivor calls for taking coronavirus seriously

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In bed, with oxygen tips, Martín Guzmán left intensive care and with difficulty launched a call to all those incredulous about covid-19 and the importance of taking care of yourself. Your call is to avoid dying or falling into your situation where few, like him, have a second chance at life.

“I am a person who continues to fight that continues to fight to get ahead against the covid. For people who still do not believe, who think that this is manipulated, that the virus does not exist government, that it is an investment an invention of the government. That is not true. This is a reality ”, explained the patient who decided to record the message.

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“I want to tell you that I have been hospitalized for 47 days, in that time I was intubated for 30 days and thank God I am getting ahead,” said the patient treated by pulmonologist Raúl Sansores.

“You have to be aware of this. It’s not a game. Unfortunately many people have been taken, many families, many family members ”.

And he added that the only purpose of the video, “is that people who can see it, become aware that we are facing something that does exist and that takes you to where I am.

“In this time I have lost more than 20 kilos, but fortunately I continue to fight. I’m going ahead and thanks to the doctors, thank God I’m going here. I’m not giving up. I keep going and I hope this helps you to raise a little awareness, for people who do not believe that this is a reality. This is a reality and it kills people ”.

This second chance at life, he said, I’m not going to miss out. “Please be aware, do not let go of your relatives, do not affect your friends, stay home, if it is not necessary, do not go out, protect yourself if you go in the street with your face mask, mask. “Disinfect everything you receive at home. It is really very strong to be here and go through everything that I have been through ”.

Perhaps, he said, there are more people “you will not believe me” but in a second chance of life “I wanted to convey this message to people who can see and become aware that it can affect them and their family.”


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