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Mhoni Seer predicts that Kim Kardashian will introduce the woman of his life

The renowned Cuban seer Mhoni affirmed that Kim Kardashian will separate from Kanye West and that she will soon present the woman of her life, she reported laopinion

“The separation is true, but Kim is breaking new love and is dating a woman. I visualize her very much in love with a female very close friend of hers. All this will be known thanks to Kanye West, “said Mhoni.

Sources revealed that Kim Kardashian West reached her tipping point last year when it comes to her marriage to Kanye West,

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Amid divorce speculation between the two, a source tells ET that the 40-year-old reality star has “ended” her marriage in July.

“Kim has gotten over Kanye in a romantic sense for a while, but he loves him as the father of his children and doesn’t want to embarrass or hurt him,” says the source. “Her last real attempt to make their relationship work was when she flew to Wyoming in July and was seen crying in the car with him. After that, he knew he had to

In his predictions, Mhoni also indicated that the Covid-19 pandemic will come to an end. “The distance is over.”

However, he warned that, despite the existence of the vaccine, people should beware of the cold. “This will be the most serious month.”

It also visualizes a war between Israel and Palestine, as well as a strong earthquake in Mexico and in Mexico and several of its cities. “This means that the energies of the earth are changing.”

On the other hand, he indicated that Cesar D’Alessio will be a problems. “The devil’s letter comes out on his back. If you are not in a traffic accident, you will have legal problems.

Anticipated that Roberto Palazuelos will become the father of a girl in 2021.

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Finally, he urged the president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, to beware of the attacks.

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