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Coronavirus: the dramatic testimony of a doctor and …

After forty years of practicing the profession, Marcelo Lemus, a doctor of the public hospital of the entrerriana city of San José, He resigned as a result of the fatigue generated by the dramatic situation experienced by the increase in cases of coronavirus and the lack of awareness of society.

I have three dead companions, I don’t want to be the fourth. I have a life and what I have left I want to enjoy and live well, “said Lemus through a message that went viral on social networks.

In the midst of the strong increase in infections, the doctor on duty explained that the reasons for his resignation are “social”: I can’t take a free risk. If I had a conscience I would bank it and move on, or if I was 20 years younger, but the truth is that I am afraid. They are laughing at the entire health system in Argentina ”, said the doctor through a video.

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According to Lemus, the trigger for his resignation was a photo that was sent to his cell phone while he was working as a hospital guard. ”There were several cases on the same day. They had doubled in the last two weeks and a friend from the faculty sent me a photo, as if to say ‘look how they take care of themselves’. It was a photo of a spa with a group of more than 200 young people, all crowded together, singing, drinking, squeezed, all together. Something logical in normal times, but not in this, “said the doctor.

And he added: “With each patient who enters the guard, one has to take precautions, get dressed, put on a gown, gloves, cap, boots, it is hot and uncomfortable. Among the patients who arrived were two young people with headaches. They had been to a party with 80 people ”.

Lemus also said that they sent him an audio of a supposed medical student calling a clandestine party and stated that “we are doing something wrong for a fourth-year medical student to do that in the middle of a pandemic, with what it implies for people in general. . Because for young people the risk is much lower, but for the elderly and patients with comorbidities it is high risk ”.

He also expressed his anger at the precarious conditions in which medical personnel carry out their tasks. In that sense, he specified that he is monotributista and that the guards in the hospital of San José billed them by the hour. “We have no appointment, retirement, social work, vacations, risk of work. You go and charge about 600 pesos per hour on duty, ”he explained.

The doctor acknowledged that many people told him that his resignation was “to abandon ship in the middle of the storm”, but that he considers that the priority is “to take care of his health”.

If the people do not become aware of their own, whatever the government does, this is going to be chaos. As long as the boys continue to gather in droves, mainly on the beaches, it has been proven that they are the ones that spread the virus among people ”, he concluded.

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