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School Voucher 2021 Peru: how to know if I am a beneficiary, payment date, link School voucher 400 soles atmp

The Peruvian Government, led by President Francisco Sagasti, reported that this January will be the delivery of the 2021 Peru School Bonus, which is equivalent to an amount of 400 soles.

The delivery of this subsidy has already been promulgated by decree in El Peruano, and it will be a single payment that will be delivered to those people who work within the public sector.

The decree also details that the 400 soles will be appearing on the payroll of citizens who have a service of no less than three months. However, if a worker does not have this required time, this money will be paid proportionally to the months and days that they have been working.

How do I know if I am a beneficiary of the School Voucher?

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To find out if you are a beneficiary of the School Bonus 2021You can enter the following link and verify if you are one of those who will receive the 400 soles subsidy.

Who will be the beneficiaries of the School Bonus?

  • Officials and servants appointed and hired under the regime of Legislative Decree 276 and laws 29944 and 30512.
  • University teachers of Law 30220.
  • Health Personnel of Legislative Decree 1153.
  • Permanent and temporary workers of the Public Sector.
  • Personnel of the Armed Forces and the National Police of Peru.
  • Pensioners in charge of the State included in the regimes of Law 15117, Decree Laws 19846 and 20530, Supreme Decree 051-88-PCM and Law 28091.
  • Public Sector Workers who are under the private activity labor regime.
  • Prison servants, according to numeral 1 of article 24 of the Law of Special Public Penitentiary Career.
  • Educational assistants appointed and hired in educational institutions.

What requirements must I meet to collect the 2021 School Bonus?

  • Be working, or on vacation with a contract, at the time the rule came into force.
  • Have worked at least three months since the rule came into force. If not, a sum will be received proportional to the days worked.

Where can the Scholarship Bonus be collected?

He School Voucher 2021 that the public sector workers will receive will be through payroll payment accounts.

Date of payment of the School Bond

The payment dates of the School Bond 2021 They were published within the Banco de la Nación platform. To review the complete schedule, you can enter HERE.

Who will not receive the Bonus of 400 soles?

All public sector workers will have access to the school voucher of 400 soles, as long as they began to work at the time the standard entered into force.

Although it was said that a worker with a service of no less than three months was going to stop receiving this subsidy, it was specified that an amount equivalent to the time worked would be assigned.

What is the School Bonus?

He School Bonus 2021 of Peru is a non-remunerative economic benefit that is usually delivered to public officials, State servants and certain pensioners in the first months of each year. This subsidy is provided on a mandatory basis if you work in the public sector.

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