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The Medical Federation of Peru started the national strike

This Wednesday, January 13, the Medical Federation of Peru (FMP) began its announced national strike, which occurs due to the breach by the central government of its list of claims and other commitments that the government assumed towards the medical union and with the health sector.

On their first day of the strike, the doctors carried out a massive mobilization towards the Ministry of Health in order to make their demands visible.

Godofredo Talavera, president of the Peruvian Medical Federation FMP, in statements to RPP indicated that one of the reasons for his strike is because “the budget to care for patients with COVID-19 has not been increased.”

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Likewise, the leader of the doctors added:

“The budget has not been increased, and this means that there are no ventilators in the regions and here in Lima there are no molecular tests. There are no doctors or nurses to be able to care for patients in ICUs ”.

In that sense, Talavera also stated that:

“The Government has not complied with paying health professionals the so-called COVID bonus, which has not been delivered since October of last year.”

Some of the requests of the medical union are the following:

  • Increase in the budget for the health sector by 5% of GDP.
  • Full PPE and rapid tests for all levels of care.
  • Strengthening the first level of care.
  • Compliance with the third phase of the salary scale.
  • Payment of the COVID bonus for everyone.
  • That the Constitutional Court declare unfounded the claim of unconstitutionality of law 31039 (Automatic leveling, appointment and change of group and career line).
  • Payment of debt to third party doctors.
  • Voluntary return of doctors over 60 and under 65 years.
  • Resident: compliance with the curriculum in some specialties.

It is important to mention that last year, the CAS workers and third parties in the health sector were fighting for the elimination of these labor regimes that precarious employment and deny a series of rights, however, the government and the Constitutional Court prevented them from being can fulfill this just demand of health workers, which is why today many public hospitals and medical centers do not have the necessary personnel to face this second wave of Covod-19 infections.

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