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Romina Belluscio and Guti leave the hospital with Romeo, their second child in common

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Romina belluscio (41 years old) and Jose Maria Gutierrez Guti (44) they are like crazy and the truth is that it is no wonder. Last January 11 they lived one of the most special days of their lives, in addition to celebrating their son’s 8th birthday, EnzoThey welcomed their second child together, who they have decided to call Romeo. A day they can never forget, that’s for sure.

This Wednesday, January 13, the couple left the hospital where the television collaborator gave birth as smiling as possible and the truth is that a family of the most united and happiest with the arrival of Romeo to their lives. Guti and Romina came out holding the newborn in their arms and holding hands with Enzo.

“The truth is that very well, very happy”Romina confessed when she left the hospital. “It is an angel at the moment,” he says. Guti thanked the cameras that were in the vicinity for the support and warmth they have received and has not wanted to make any statement about the controversies his daughter has raised Zayra (20), born from his marriage to the presenter Arancha de Benito (51).

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Romina Belluscio and Guti leave the hospital with Romeo and Enzo.


The four members of the family have posed outside the hospital, showing their best smile and ensuring that they were very happy for the arrival of their second child, the fourth for the footballer. Romeo arrived on the same day as his brother Enzo and this means that they will never forget that day.

For the former Real Madrid player and Almería coach, this is his fourth child, after Zayra and Aitor (18) born during his marriage to Arancha de Benito and Enzo, the cousin he had with Romina in 2013, only two years after their romance began.

The athlete and the presenter met in 2011 when she interviewed him for television. After having Enzo they announced their wedding, but canceled it. They had to wait five years after the beginning of their relationship and three years after the birth of their eldest son for them to say yes I do. It was in 2016.

Romina and Guti saying goodbye to the press with little Romeo.

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Romina and Guti saying goodbye to the press with little Romeo.


Both the Madrid soccer player and the Argentine presenter had gone through two marriages. The one with the player Arancha de Benito lasted a decade, between 1999 and 2009 and that of Romina with the Spanish actor Cesar Pereira in 2004 much less. When they met, Guti had just come out of a highly publicized relationship with the model. Noelia Lopez.

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