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Kiko Rivera, “frozen” before the possible departure of his mother, Isabel Pantoja, to Mexico

12/07/2020 Kiko Rivera, in an archive image EUROPE SPAIN SOCIETY


Kiko Rivera continues with her day to day, oblivious to the information that suggests that her mother, Isabel Pantoja, would be thinking of radically changing her life when Dona Ana is absent and leaving Spain to settle in Mexico, where she is a much loved artist and where she counts with great friends willing to help her, like her fan Mariana Seoane.

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Without commenting on this surprising news that would take him further away from the tonadillera, we have seen the DJ stay “frozen” but not because of our questions, but because of the freezing temperatures that Seville is having these days. Thus, rubbing her hands and making a fuss about how cold she is, Kiko still does not reveal what she thinks of her mother’s departure to Mexico.

Before taking the bike to challenge the polar cold wave, Kiko confirms that he has started doing sports to the full to regain his good physical shape and, even at home, he does not lose the newly acquired good habit of training daily.

Very discreet, however, on his return home, Kiko has continued with his silence and has not told us how his uncle José Rivera, “Riverita”, is with whom he recently met again and who could have suffered a worsening in his health condition. Nervous about the questions, the artist cannot find the keys and has to call the telephone with a laugh so that Irene Rosales will open the door and finally get rid of the uncomfortable questions about his family conflicts.

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