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CdMx metro. They control trains with paper and pen after fire

To have a radio communication equipment of 40 million euros, now the operation of lines 4, 5 and 6 of the Metro of Mexico City is supervised and controlled in a ‘rustic’ way, since radios, paper and pen are used.

This is how they work at the provisional central control post, after the fire in a substation of the Collective Transportation System (STC) damaged the radio communication equipment Tetra, acquired during the administration of Joel ortega, who has filed a complaint with the Comptroller General of the government of Mexico City since October 31, 2017.


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In 2013, the Metro acquired modern radio communication equipment to automate the system, increase security and reduce the time to attend to faults and contingencies.

In videos, it is observed how the workers they trace the Metro lines in sheets and control the slow progress of the trains through the different seasons.

At the provisional Central Control Post 2, located in the Delicias 67 building, in the center of Mexico City, three tables were set up with approximately ten Metro workers in each one, who communicate with the drivers of the buses with radios. trains for prevent someone from exceeding his speed or advancing without authorization to another station and thus avoid a collision.

The workers keep track of the trains that circulate and verify that they are within the scheduled times. In addition, they attend to the alarms of the general PGT traffic programmer and fixed point communications, take the assistance of the personnel of chief station inspectors and certify the conditions to energize those of the corresponding lines.

Reports of breakdowns in trains and tracks also arrive at the checkpoint, which currently take twice as long to be repaired. From the improvised tables traffic control of the lines is done that go from Martín Carrera to Santa Anita, from Politécnico to Pantitlán and from El Rosario to Martín Carrera.

According to personnel consulted by MILLENNIUM, the automatic regulation of trains and the control of the maneuvers was changed tracks in terminals and provisional services in the lines.

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CdMx investigates fire

On January 9, ehe station number 1 of the Metro Train Control Center caught fire during the early morning, an incident in which at least 30 workers were trapped in the substation and of which 11 were injured and one agent of the Banking and Industrial Police (GDP) died after falling from a fifth floor.

The suspension of six Metro lines caused chaos in Mexico City, so they had to have the support of RTP buses and the Metrobús, as well as vans from the capital city police.

For the incident, the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, ad that three expert reports will be carried out and he sent an acknowledgment to those who helped in the rescue of people in the facilities, “sThe expert opinions are being carried out to know the causes and these will be made known to the users. They are made by the FGJ CdMx, that is the way it should be and is by rule through an independent company and by the insurance company itself; there are three expert reports to be developed“.

When will lines 1, 2 and 3 reopen?

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Three days after the fire, lines 1, 2 and 3 of the Metro keep the service suspended; However, the capital’s president has already ruled out that works to resume the flow of trains take longer than expected, after the leader of the Metro Workers Union, Fernando Espino, said that the routes could reopen within five months.

While lthe director of the STC Metro, Florencia Serranía, reported that the Line 1 will resume service in the last week of January, but only with 10 trains.

He announced that upon completion of this process, the service will be resumed in a staggered manner on Line 3 and later, on Line 2, which will also operate with only 10 trains. And of staggered service will be reactivated on Line 3 and later on Line 2, which will also operate with 10 trains.



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