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Havana establishes measures to combat COVID-19 in the phase of limited autochthonous transmission

As of the entry this Thursday of the Cuban capital to the phase of limited autochthonous transmission, the Provincial Defense Council (CDP) established this Wednesday a broad program of measures to combat COVID-19.

The provisions respond to cutting the spread of the disease in Havana without stopping the implementation of the Ordinance task and under new conditions, such as the intensification of the blockade imposed by the United States and the subversive attacks on the Revolution.

In this way, it was decided in the first place to suspend educational and recreational activities in public spaces such as parks, swimming pools (state and private), beaches, bars, nightclubs, party rooms, cabarets, discotheques, gyms -including biosaludables- and sports combined.

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Also there should be no religious activities in institutions and homes, and in the latter, parties with large numbers of guests are prohibited.

Nor will social circles, amusement parks, game rooms, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, libraries, museums, cinemas, theaters, the Youth Club, fairgrounds and others, where the sale of take-out will be authorized, will be open to the public.

The payment of stipends to students who receive it and are not linked to temporarily paralyzed activities, as is the case of conduct and pedagogical schools, will be maintained.

The nursery schools will continue to operate but from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, and the entry of parents will not be allowed since the reception and delivery of children will be done at the place established by the management of the center.

In these spaces, activities will not be carried out in cycles to avoid crowds, rigor will be maintained in the daily investigation and the correct use of the nasobuco will continue to be mandatory.

The benefits of the 13 Palaces of Marriages and the two matrimonial rooms of the city and all the services provided by the notaries and the Property Registry are canceled.

In the case of the Central Registry of Penalties, it will only provide services based on the criminal processes that require it, while the Civil Registries will only work for the registration of acts of births and deaths.

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The judicial processes will be maintained according to their sense of urgency, their nature and content and their social impact: crimes or violations associated with COVID-19, effects on the economy, people in provisional prison without conviction, in a situation of rebellion and social dangerousness, to whom the granting of the benefit of release corresponds, processes of custody and care of minors and labor processes where the worker is left unprotected; For this, four courts will be enabled.

In this sense, Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, president of the CDP, indicated not only to apply high fines to those who violate the protocols, but also that, according to the seriousness of their acts, they are made available to the courts.

It was directed to suspend the domiciliary wakes and interprovincial transfers of the corpses in addition to the penitentiary benefits such as conjugal pavilion, visits and extraordinary passes.

The obligation to pay for electricity, water, telephone and gas services is maintained, virtually through the collector reader at home or in person at the commercial office, in compliance with the established hygienic measures.

It was reported that the attention to the public in bank offices and Exchange Houses continues from Monday to Friday at the established hours.

With regard to work, distance work will continue to be implemented in all activities and positions that by its nature allow it to be permanent or part-time, and to implement the control system to measure results.

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Faced with the eventual stoppage of work, when it is not possible to relocate the worker, he or she receives a 60 percent wage guarantee, and centers that are not continuous production or prioritized services will remain closed or with the minimum number of essential personnel.

Only businesses managed by non-state management that offer meals at home will continue to operate.

Individuals must continue to pay monthly tax quotas, sales taxes and services for the use of the workforce, the affidavit and other taxes, in those cases that have not requested the suspension of the activity.

Artists and artisans can request a deferral of payment of personal income taxes, to be paid within the year.

The activity of the urban and suburban agriculture points of sale will be sustained, companies and cooperatives will continue to work in terms of planting, collecting and producing, in addition to the fact that it is a priority to stabilize electronic commerce through virtual stores.

At this stage, it is essential to increase the production of the processing centers and promote the operation of the units with affordable meals to take away and home; while in areas where there is no traditional gastronomy network, mobile services will be enabled.

Along with this measure, attention was drawn to the increase in sales of food modules in the neighborhoods and of home delivery in the Family Attention System, at no cost to the beneficiary.

It was also decided to maintain a nomenclature of products (flour, sugar and egg) for sale to the TCPs in 204 retail units of the Commerce, through accreditation and control, and to suspend the sale of rum in bulk in the winery network as long as will sell the bottled product in a regulated manner.

Regarding tourism, it was decided at the provincial level to close the nightclubs of the hotel facilities, and to suspend the activities of travel agencies, local excursions and national tourism to the internal client.

The hotels will operate with an occupancy of up to 60%, ensuring that physical distancing is ensured in all areas, and non-hotel services are suspended.

In another vein, the offices for the collection of fines will continue to operate and police control in public spaces of the city will be reinforced in order to maintain order and discipline due to the tense epidemiological situation in the capital.

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