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COVID-19 vaccination in Mexico: pharmacies and self-service stores have requested to participate in the campaign

(Photo: Reuters / Amanda Perobelli / Archivo)

Pharmacies and supermarket chains that have this service They have asked the government to participate in the application of the vaccine against COVID-19.

Vicente Yanez, President of the National Association of Self-service and Department Stores (Antad), indicated that during his participation in the event El Mundo del Retail that They have offered the government the network of chains that have pharmacies where they could give vaccines very quickly.

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He added: “We offered them the one that could give us the opportunity to buy them so that we could offer them to customers”.

The proposal aims collaborate so that the application of the dose is faster and the time in which the population is immunized is shorter.

(Photo: Reuters / Stephane Mahe)
(Photo: Reuters / Stephane Mahe)

In addition, he exemplified that in the United States there is a chain of pharmacies thatEU is applying the government vaccines in this first stage, but in the second it will commercialize them. “The joke is that we get there as quickly as possible. If the government is going to put some, but people are able to buy others, let’s get to the goal faster and even that is cheaper for the government.

The sector has expressed interest to the government to participate in the process since the beginning of the pandemic, as it is in the application of tests and will continue to request that they be taken into account.

In the case of Walmart Mexico expressed to the federal government that you can count on the parking lots of all your stores in the country so that it can condition them so that get the coronavirus vaccine.

In a press release, they indicated that they would make available to the authorities the parking lots of the stores and clubs that we have to facilitate “the location of the modules that the Army and Navy would operate for the application of the vaccine”.

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(Photo: Presidency)
(Photo: Presidency)

The self-service chain also points out that by having spaces in the main cities of the country, practically 10 minutes away from 85% of the population.

In the country, the doses of Pfizer are applied to workers in the medical sector that treats patients with coronavirus and the process lasts between 45 minutes and 90 minutes, which includes from the verification of personal data to the rest period after receiving the injection.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, have supplied 94,395 units until Wednesday, January 13, bringing a total of 192,567 immunized healthcare workers, from December 24th.

(Photo: EFE / Hilda Ríos)
(Photo: EFE / Hilda Ríos)

A total of 546,879 vaccines. On Tuesday, January 12, he arrived fifth batch with 439,729 doses of Pfizer-BioNTech to the International Airport of Mexico City and later they were distributed in the 32 entities

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For him January 18, the receipt of more than 436,800 units is expected. It should be noted that this Thursday, January 14, the application of the second dose will begin to the person who received the first dose on December 24.


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