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The “bubble” is here to stay in Cuban baseball

Havana, 14 says (ACN) The National Baseball Commission issued a press release on January 13 regarding the organization of the postseason of the 60th National Baseball Series.

As reflected in the website, taking into account the tense epidemiological situation in the country today, the Inder Board of Directors has approved the “bubble” format for the quarterfinal and semifinal phases of the 60 Series National Baseball.

The first crosses (1st vs. 8th, 2nd vs. 7th, 3rd vs. 6th and 4th vs. 5th) will be played in series of five games to best in three, in two venues yet to be determined in which a rigorous sanitary protocol will be applied.

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The start date is defined: the third day after the last game recovered from the qualifying stage. The schedules will be decided in due course, given the possibility of holding some clashes at night.

The Inder website also reports that four teams (two crosses) will settle in each of the determined provinces, always respecting the criteria of neutrality. In other words, no classified cast will play in their own stadium.

Each venue will be activated on alternate days (two games) to ensure live radio and television broadcasts, the maintenance and disinfection of the facilities, training sessions and a proper work-rest ratio for the athletes.

The semifinal stage (two crosses) will take place in the same facility, either from those previously used or different, taking into account the progress of the teams, the prevailing epidemiological situation and other variables. Details on the selection of reinforcements and the schedule will be reported in due course.

The format of the final will be agreed later as well, according to the epidemiological situation facing the country.

It is ratified that all postseason games will take place behind closed doors to avoid crowds that favor COVID-19 infections.

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