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Capacity reduction will reduce customer confidence, according to restaurant and gym unions | ECONOMY

The reduced capacity it will affect the sales of restaurants, casinos, gyms and other establishments. However, the biggest impact they foresee is in the trust already worked with their clients.

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This was mentioned by Fredy Gamarra, general manager of the Peruvian Association of Hotels, Restaurants and related (Now Peru). “With measures like this, we will have to start again to convince our clients that we comply with the protocols and that there is no danger of contagion”, he asserted.

The union projects that the restriction on Sundays reduces weekly sales by 40%, which has not yet recovered its pre-pandemic levels.

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Gamarra also mentioned that the measures in regions such as Piura, in the summer season and with restrictions on beaches, “They will bankrupt smaller restaurants”.

Jaime Yzaga, general manager of Sportlife Fitness Club, had a similar position. “The gyms have opened their doors 20 days ago and now they reduce our capacity. What message is given to our clients? In addition, we have not managed to recover even 15% of what we sold before “he points out.

In turn, Fernando Calderón, from the National Society of Gaming, warns that the capacity restriction comes when only 60% of the stores throughout the country have been able to resume operations.

“There were about 300 stores that had not yet opened. And the ones that already work usually open the casino tables at 6 in the afternoon. In the case of Lima, they would only open for two hours. We will have to evaluate if they will continue to operate “, Held.



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