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Legal abortion enters into force in Argentina | The most important news and analysis in Latin America | DW

As of this Thursday (01.14.2021), the elective abortion law will take effect in Argentina until the 14th week of gestation, with the promulgation of the norm approved on December 30th in a historic debate in Congress.

The South American country becomes the largest in Latin America in which abortion is legal, after Cuba, Uruguay and Guyana. In Mexico it is allowed in the State of Oaxaca and in Mexico City.

The center-left president Alberto Fernández, promoter of the project, will promulgate the rule late in the afternoon at a ceremony at the Museo del Bicentenario, in Buenos Aires.

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With this law, Argentina retakes the vanguard of social conquests in Latin America. In 2010 it approved equal marriage and in 2012 a gender identity law.

Feminism is key

The norm represents “the understanding on the part of the State of what reproductive autonomy means in the lives of women,” María Teresa Bosio, president of Catholics for the Right to Decide, told AFP. The organization has led for more than a decade the National Campaign for the right to legal, safe and free abortion.

The mobilization of thousands of young people and groups of women from the so-called ‘green tide’ was crucial for the law to be approved in the Senate that had rejected a similar bill in 2018.

The ‘green tide’ was crucial in the approval of the new law

The law crossed the political forces and society in a transversal way, where an anti-abortion movement backed by the Evangelist and Catholic churches in the native country of Pope Francis also gained strength.

Until now, abortion in Argentina was only allowed in the event of rape or danger to the life of the woman, according to a 1921 law.

The government estimates that since 1983 more than 3,000 women have died in the 370,000 to 520,000 abortions performed each year in a country with 45 million inhabitants.

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“Our work generated a strong incidence in the institutions to build a legitimacy on abortion with the support of the youth that gave us a massiveness that at the beginning of the movement we did not have,” Bosio said by way of balance.

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