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More than half of the communes in Chile have a high incidence rate of active cases | National

On Wednesday the eighty-fifth was published epidemiological report of the covid-19 pandemic in Chile, highlighting that more than half of the communes in Chile have an active incidence rate (number of active cases per 100,000 inhabitants) higher than 100.

According to the report, of the 346 communes in the country, 176 has a higher incidence rate of active cases than 100, being the most worrying case of the Magallanes region with 389.7 and that of Tarapacá with 373.3.

The report also informs that 26,557 active cases of coronavirus are registered nationwide. This represents an increase of 9% compared to the previous Epidemiological Report (84), with data as of January 6.

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This rise corresponds to an increase of 2,302 cases since the previous measurement and continues in the upward trend registered since December 2020.

As in the previous sample, the increases are maintained in the north and south of the country, where the focus is on the Antofagasta region and Los Lagos, both with communes that exceed a thousand active cases. In regions, the highest increases in active cases were recorded in Aysén (34%), Antofagasta (32%), Arica and Parinacota (31%), Coquimbo (24%), Los Lagos (22%) and Los Ríos (21%).

In the Metropolitan region, there is again an increase in the number of cases, however, the percentage (3%) is lower compared to other regions.

There are 21 communes in Greater Santiago with more than 100 active cases. It is about Puente Alto, Santiago, Maipú, La Florida, Las Condes, Pudahuel, (without commune), Peñalolén, Renca, La Pintana, Ñuñoa, Quinta Normal, San Bernardo, El Bosque, Lo Barnechea, Recoleta, Cerro Navia, Station Central, Macul, Quilicura and Independencia.

Those that registered casualties compared to the previous sample were Puente Alto, Las Condes, Pudahuel, Quinta Normal, Cerro Navia, Estación Central and Independencia. Meanwhile, those with the highest percentage increases are Lo Barnechea (42%), Recoleta (36%), Renca (26%), La Pintana (17%) and Maipú (16%). It should be noted that three communes managed to reduce 100 active cases, they are San Miguel, Providencia and Lo Prado.

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