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Paola Durante will do a series on the Stanley case

For two decades, among the plans of the exedecán Paola Durante was making a film or series about what she lived after murder of Paco Stanley. But it is until now that, together with a production house, a streaming platform and his former partner Mario Bezares, those plans will be crystallized through a series and a documentary about the tragic death of the popular television host.

In the project, which is in its early stages, she and Bezares will express their version of what happened to Stanley that June 7, 1999.

“It will show step by step how everything was happening, it will have the testimonies of the largest number of people who were involved in this.”

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Paola points out that in the talks she has had with the team in charge of raising the project, testimonies have emerged from people involved that have even left the also model astonished because, she says, they are passages that she did not know from that moment that she had to live.

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“They have been investigating for years; They looked for me and told me that they wanted the rights to my story for the series and I told them that I would not give them the rights unless I associated with them, ”he says.

He details that, after having this first approach with the production company, he spoke with Mario Bezares, who also agreed to join this project, and to which only a few months ago Netflix he had come over to do a similar one.

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“The pandemic happened and it did not materialize. Later these producers approached with a very solid project, told by many people ”, he says.

Paola says that so far the producers have not been able to talk to Paul Stanley and they have not been able to reach Jorge Gil, a character who was also part of the Paso Stanley case.

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“Jorge Gil is missing, nobody knows anything about him.”

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