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Ludwika Paleta goes VIRAL by exhibiting her daughter’s TREMENDOUS tantrum: VIDEO

The beautiful actress, Ludwik’s Palette He went viral when he shared some stories on Instagram where he showed his little daughter Barbara who couldn’t stop crying while her mother tried to communicate to her followers the details of the new production that she stars in.

In the video of about a minute that she uploaded to her Instagram account, where she can be seen while taking a cup of coffee and it was seen that not everything was going as planned, because she was trying to talk to her daughter, but the little girl just shook her head in denial.

The actress who tried to warn her followers that she would be doing several interviews, was overshadowed by the cries of her daughter, even the tender Barbara, when she saw that her mother tried to continue with her video, she began to scream louder which caused the bewilderment and the laugh of Ludwika, who only managed to turn to see someone and say:

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We are in the middle of a tantrum, not my little heart. From that moment on, the 42-year-old woman tried to continue her recording and no longer wanted to interact with the little girl’s tantrum.

Image taken from Ludwika Paleta’s Instagram Stories

In the end, Ludwika was able to explain that he will be on Paola Rojas and Javier Poza’s program to talk about the premiere of the series Madre, there are only two that will be transmitted through the Netflix platform and that it will be available from next January 20 .

Project in which he shares the leading role with Paulina Goto. In fact, last December, both women became a trend on social networks by sharing that they were pregnant, but it was only part of the advertising strategy to publicize this new project.

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