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How does COVID affect the mental well-being of employees? –

#Recent employee insights on stress, productivity, and well-being.

#It’s an understatement to say that COVID has fundamentally changed the way we live, work and play, now… and in the future. 2021 is likely to be a year of transformation, innovation, and a time to redefine the paradigms we are used to. #Research shows us that the impact of COVID will be long-lasting. #Since children learn through online school, they care for their loved ones, they face fatigue, isolation, and a host of ‘extras’ to think about added to daily life, just to stay safe, #It is no wonder that 7 in 10 #Americans (72%) say their lives have been affected by the virus. #Even before the pandemic, stress and anxiety were at worrying levels, and now, that has risen. #In fact, just over half of adults in the #United #States reported that their mental health has been adversely affected due to concern and stress from the coronavirus and more than one in three adults in the #United #States have reported symptoms. anxiety or depressive disorder during the pandemic. .

#At #MyEMQ, we have been conducting #Energy #Boosters with various #Fortune 500 companies in the last few months. #Energy #Boosters are quick virtual sessions based on a purpose-built experience for rapid learning, equipping employees with techniques to increase their positive mental well-being, ability, and impact by harnessing the power of their personal energy.

#Here are some ideas from a recent #Booster event that had 297 attendees, with a variety of ages, roles, and functions, to help you think about your own employees, how you can help them now, and better prepare them for success in the future.

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#Negative thoughts and emotions

There has been an increase in employees feeling negative emotions at the beginning and end of their day. #Almost half feel negatively at the start of the day, and nearly two-thirds end their day in a negative state, one-third of whom end their day in a strong negative state, such as feeling depressed, anxious, worried, or angry.

#At the beginning of the day, this negative energy state can come from not having a high-quality rest. There are many reasons for this, some of the most common being a busy mind due to worries and worries, as well as not going to bed at a good time in an attempt to fit in more with the day. #In fact, it’s safe to say that sleep quality has been affected during COVID.

#At the end of the day, these negative states often come from the stresses of the day itself. #For example, many virtual meetings can cause meeting fatigue, which is draining on the brain, or the stress of working while making sure your child is in school online. #Employees often don’t take the time to revitalize themselves throughout their day, many feel they can’t spend even 10 minutes for themselves given all that is required of them.

#What impact can this increase in negative states have? #Well, among the many:

#Stronger reactions and less compassion that impact relationships #Less innovation because there is no capacity for ideation #Decreased well-being

#And a penny for your thoughts? (#Aka what was on the mind of the employees?) #We were not surprised to find that most people had work, their family and themselves personally, as their health, as a priority.

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#While you can’t control the actions or thoughts of someone, as an organization, manager, or leader, you play an important role in creating environments that allow employees to be well and bring their best to what they do. #From sustainable workloads to slowing down meeting chaos and wellness support, you can create a culture that is emotionally, mentally, and physically good. #As human beings, as co-workers, we too can play an important role in creating an environment with positive energy. #From being aware of our responses and language, to noticing when someone is struggling, we can help each other be the best version of ourselves, especially during these challenging times.


#More than two-thirds were currently experiencing high levels of stress. #Being in a state of high stress can affect your body, mood, and behavior. #From headaches to fatigue, lack of motivation and concentration to irritability, and increased alcohol consumption to extreme responses, high levels of stress can affect all areas of life.

#Increasing resilience can help you combat stress. #Developing the mental and behavioral skills for people to overcome challenges and even thrive in difficult times can help reduce stress levels. #Organizations often work to build resilience in other areas. #For example, in IT they can take steps to ensure that they can provide an acceptable level of service in the face of challenges to their normal operation. #But how is it enabling human resilience? #What steps are you taking to ensure that employees can continue to succeed through tough times?


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#It is an understatement to say that people are busy. #We had this problem before the pandemic. #Everyone was busy. #It was hard to imagine at the time how we could be even busier, yet here we are, with many living in a constant state of hustle, rushing from task to task. #More than a third typically had more than 10 items on their daily to-do list, and regardless of the number of items, 61% experienced high or very high levels of stress about the amount of things they had to do.

#Ensuring accurate and realistic priorities are set and understanding people’s capabilities is even more important now. #Not everything can have the same priority. #And often the world won’t collapse if you can’t do something right away. #We must also remember that what is our priority may not be someone else’s.

#With the increase in work at home, the number of meetings has increased, with half of employees spending more than half of their day in back-to-back meetings. #Anyone want a 5 minute bio break? #It can be helpful to really think about how you are using your time and the requests you make of others. #Is a meeting really necessary for that duration? #Can the same result be achieved differently? #In fact, more than half had a meeting or work-related item that was not a valuable use of their time, and 42% could easily save more than 30 minutes if they made a better decision about how to spend their energy. #That is just a better decision. #More than 30 minutes saved. #Imagine 2 or 3 better decisions. I’ll let you imagine what you could do with an extra hour or two in your week.

#But, there is hope …

#In the face of all this, people still find something to feel good about and to be thankful for. #Most had found some benefit and positive impact from spending more time with the family and found some benefits from working at home. #So in the midst of what may seem like the darkness of “crown life,” there is not only hope, but there is also the opportunity to come out of this as an even better version of ourselves and an even better world. #Tough times build resilience, innovation accelerate, and often the best of humanity support each other.

#With many taking a well-earned break during the holiday season, #January can bring a moment of greater calm and energy. #However, usually, as people return to swing, this soon wears off and old habits and stress levels return. #From retail to work from home to the economy, the future is unknown in almost every facet of life. #Although, one thing is for sure, we as humans will get through it. #We will adapt and evolve as we have done so many times before. #And we will bring in a new era based on the growth and knowledge we have gained through our 2020 experience. #Make sure you are ready to support your employees in the best possible way so that they are equipped to embrace the future and achieve success without matter how it looks.

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