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Libra Horoscope – Wednesday, December 30, 2020 | Libra horoscopes

#You would complete a cycle that was not exactly bad, but was not successful either. #That is why suddenly a square like #Neptune and #Venus would make you doubt as if you were a new person in an activity that you already know. #Let everything happen as it should and then you would know that you are doing the right thing.

#Now that things are starting to be so much clearer to you than they recently were not, you could let everything look so much clearer to you. #For that to happen, let the full #Moon begin to give you a better meaning in your life.

#Forecast of the day: #Do not stop insisting at any time about your projects, you could remember that there is a lot to do lately and that, if you were a little warmer with yourself, you would know that everything starts again for you. #With #Cancer in regency, you would know what to do with what you have finding prosperity in your path.

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#May your illusions now simply be part of a promising future as a couple. #Possibly the full moon would let everything get on your side, insisting that love is the best thing that could happen to you lately.

#Now resort to consuming all that high-fiber food, for example, apples, combined with a series of cereals, which would be available for your body to detoxify once and for all.

The number one would be one of the best numbers to be able to complement your way of acting on what you could improve economically speaking. #You would have received good energy, after acting responsibly.

#Your work path could look a bit hazy, but that does not mean that everything would fog up, in this case it is better that you have the opportunity to see, that everything would have much more sanity, if it were not for fear stops you. #In order to avoid the above, it would be #Cancer that would enter on your side.


#Couple prediction for today #Wednesday
#If you are in a couple: you would live more with your partner so that everything changes in his favor.
#If you are single: you would connect your best side of emotions to make everything work wonderfully in love.
#Sexual energy level: #Alto.

#Love: #Aquarius or air signs.
#Friendship: #Sagittarius or fire signs.
#Labor: #Capricorn or earth signs.

#Tolerance level: #Moderate.
#With whom you could get in tension: stay away from a #Pisces.

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