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The night video recording of the Xiaomi Mi 11 is almost magical

#Although it will not be present in #Spain until 2021, the #Xiaomi #Mi 11 has been presented as one of the last great mobiles of the year, a terminal that arrives with controversy due to the absence of the charger (although the company has indicated that it will be optional and you can have the charger for the same price) but also has great improvements.

#One of the most important is in video recording, and that is that the #Xiaomi #Mi 11 will have spectacular low-light video recording technology, a technology that uses all the power of artificial intelligence to take a leap that can be revolutionary. .

#Night video recording at the highest level on the #Xiaomi #Mi 11

#In recent years, one of the great innovations in smartphones was the arrival of the night photography mode. #Huawei was the first to surprise us, although later we saw how #Google achieved something that seems like magic, and since then we have seen how this mode reached more and more brands, with real surprises like the iPhone 11.

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The #Pixel 3 was one of the mobiles whose night photography seemed magical to us.

#Improved night photography mode made us dream of a similar video recording mode, but it is not that simple. #To achieve these types of photographs, several photographs are usually taken at different aperture levels to combine the results, a great process for a single image. #In video recording, getting that process for 30 frames per second placed it on an exponentially higher scale of complexity, but it seems that technology is doing it.

#Xiaomi’s night recording mode shows us that it is possible. The technology has been created by the company #Blink AI, which has taken the opportunity to show some shots of what the latest #Xiaomi mobile is capable of.

The video recording results seem like magic, as they achieve spectacular level of detail in very low light. #This has been possible thanks to technologies of deep learning which, used in the very powerful neural processing unit of the #Snapdragon 888, is capable of enhancing videos taken in low light in the order of milliseconds.

Snapdragon 888

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The trick with #Blink AI is that, unlike night photography, its artificial intelligence seeks to imitate the behavior of the human eye in these types of scenarios.

#Being a development of a company independent from #Xiaomi, it is possible that #Blink AI technology will end up being available in new phones that have the capabilities of the latest #Qualcomm processor. #We still don’t know all the details about this technology, but its first samples have impressed us.

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