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Nicky Jam shows us his impressive physical change

#One of the best urban artists of the era, #Nicky #Jam, has shared with his followers an impressive photo that lets us appreciate hisawesome physical transformation. There are many images that he has shared with his followers where indeed that weight loss is more than evident, however; There is a photo where he looks thinner than ever, that photo has had thousands of likes and motivating comments, encouraging the #Puerto #Rican and recognizing his good work and effort. The artist claims that he has lost 45 pounds and that he is now going to focus on increasing his muscles with weights.

© @ nickyjam
#Nicky #Jam boasts of physical change on #Instagram
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#Nicky already warned us when he turned 39 years of the will to change his lifestyle, thus announcing that he was going to start a diet to lose weight. #In #October, the artist shared a photo with his followers where he claimed that he had lost 30 pounds. The change has been very progressive but the results of that weight loss are more than evident.

Nicky Jam © @ nickyjam
#Nicky #Jam decides to change his lifestyle and becomes an example of willpower for his followers

#We must not forget that the #Puerto #Rican artist has not had an easy life. #His family situation and addictions have taken their toll. #On #Netflix there is a documentary where the artist tells his life and in which we can appreciate how due to a very difficult family situation, he ended up immersed in drugs and we could also see how with the help of his father he could get out of that problem.

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#Nicky #Jam’s life is a life of improvement. The artist has shown great willpower in everything he sets out to do. #In music, he is one of the greatest reggaeton artists in history, in fact, along with #Daddy #Yankee, they are said to be the “creators” of this musical genre.

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##Nicky ##Jam #shows #impressive #physical #change


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