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IMSS offers alternatives to continue with social security without employment

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The hiring of the #Family #Health #Insurance and the voluntary continuation of the mandatory regime of the #Mexican #Institute of #Social #Security (IMSS) They are alternatives for those who have lost their jobs, as it allows them to continue to have some of the benefits of social security.

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The IMSS reported on the various insurance schemes such as the #Family #Health #Insurance that allows anyone and their family nucleus to have health insurance, with which they will have access to the full range of medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, hospital and maternity hospital at the three levels of care.

#To formalize this assurance, a request must be made by the interested party and cover an advance annual fee#For each member of the family, an amount is covered based on the age range of each member.

#For the lower range, which covers the people up to 19 years, 4,650 pesos would be paid and for the range of more than 80 years it is 12,750 pesos.

The insurance by voluntary continuation to the mandatory regime allows former workers to continue contributing in two of the five insurance lines that the institute has: disability and life, and retirement, unemployment in old age or old age.

#With this assurance people can continue making contributions to their individual account and continue to accumulate weeks of contributions, which will allow them to have a pension in better conditions.

#To access this insurance it is required that the policyholders have contributed for at least 52 weeks, in the last five years, prior to the moment of losing your insurance with the IMSS, and the request can be made based on the last registered salary or with a higher salary. #This right to contract the voluntary continuation is lost if it is not exercised within a period of five years from the withdrawal.

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