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Ecopetrol signed a contract for its fracking pilot and this will be the investment – Business – Economy

The #National #Hydrocarbons #Agency (ANH) and the state majority oil company #Ecopetrol, signed on #December 24 the special contract for the execution of the pilot project for comprehensive research #Kalé, in the jurisdiction of #Puerto #Wilches (#Santander), which through the multistage horizontal fracturing technique, known as fracking, which is scheduled to be developed for the second semester of 2021, once the environmental license and all the authorizations of the case are in place.

#According to the document, the project, which will be located in a block that covers an area of ​​455.9 hectares, will have total investments of 76.7 million dollars, a figure that is equivalent to approximately 268,000 million pesos.

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#Of this sum, 57 percent, that is to say a little more than 44 million dollars, will be allocated to drilling activities that include technical studies carried out from the date of signing the contract, the adaptation of access roads, the construction of the easement location, the execution of environmental management programs, the implementation of the citizen participation office, the activities
of drilling as such (horizontal well and injector well) and operational viability.

The second item with the most investment in the pilot, an activity that will be carried out in accordance with the jurisprudence of the #State #Council, corresponds to the completion phase, to which 19.7 million dollars will be allocated and which includes stimulation and fracturing. multi-stage hydraulic system in horizontal well, the completeness, which also includes the horizontal well and the injection well) and the operational feasibility.

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#Another 12.5 million dollars will be invested in the characterization and dimensioning of the reservoir, and includes facilities for handling fluids, while for the phase of abandonment and dismantling of the area, 351,949 dollars will be used.

The contract signed between the ANH and #Ecopetrol highlights, among others, that the oil company, as a contractor and under the commitment to transparency that the research pilot must have, must contribute to the financing of the #Transparency #Center and pay the ANH the amount that results from dividing 50 percent of the monthly operating cost of this center, by the number of pilot contracts signed by the ANH and estimated that will be four.

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