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Need for change

#Regarding the fundamental health aspect and its teaching, which have always been and must continue to be university students, we find no reference whatsoever in the different models of university improvisation that have been proposed over the last 40 years; neither by the government, nor by those who criticize in favor and, of course, much less by those who now hold positions of academic responsibility in the universities and in the national and regional governments. #Neither in the programs of the last rectors. They all have the viral alibi. #What if the reserve created for them almost exclusively during 40 years of generous mediocrity is dismantled.

The modern university must be open to all those who are capable of contributing some aspect of scientific knowledge. #Knowledge is not democratic, it is demanding and requires a lot of effort, in such a way that everyone cannot or does not have the same learning capacity. #It must include norms for its acquisition and transmission, never restrictive, that allow the adaptation of knowledge and the people who sustain and transmit it, to the technological changes necessary for the progress of any scientific and academic society so that it produces the benefits that civil society demands at all times.

A university policy that maintains inbreeding; the selection of the teaching staff is done without a control of the domain and knowledge of the subject to be taught; without proper career design; without an adequate and fair selection of students; without adequate, uncontrolled representation in the representative and decision-making bodies of the university; without the teaching positions being convened in an aseptic way, in their different categories, preventing the blocking of their call, until the candidate has obtained, through his / her highest teaching officer, the certainty by which the tribunal has been appointed for the lucky chosen one, etc. #This new university standard may be more or less consensual, but it will not meet the needs demanded by a university in recognized crisis and far from #European objectives. #All this accompanied by a generous budget. #In #Goethe’s words, the law can be very powerful, but more powerful is the need for change. #This need, according to #Cervantes, should be a guide to using ingenuity.

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#As long as they can be part of member tribunals that will later be subordinate to those who obtain the place. #As long as they can serve on member tribunals with less academic status than the candidate, in my opinion, that is science fiction. #It should not be called, in this case, what results from what they claim is a consensus of university innovation. #Neither science, nor teaching, nor the promotion of teachers, nor the selection of students, need consensus. They need a continuous adaptation to an intense and rapid evolution, obligatory and necessary, as well as to levels of quality and dedication that are increasingly demanding and enforceable, in a society that intends to enter with full rights in each and every one of the current advances of letters, science, art and technology.

#If this is so, those who demand greater university autonomy and greater academic freedom will find it and will be able to make use of it if their capacities and continuous recycling are adequate to maintain the advance and evolutionary rhythm of knowledge. #If not, they will have to resort to academic tantrums or administrative positions, where, as now, they hide their limitations, under the cap and hood. H

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